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Rabbit Doubt App: Momoka by Victoria-Firewriath Rabbit Doubt App: Momoka by Victoria-Firewriath

App for :iconrabbito-dauto:

I love Doubt! It was such a good manga, i'm currently reading the second one , Judge.


Name: Momoka ‘Momo’ Anezaki

Age: 17

June 6th


Weapon Choice:
Meat Tenderizer

Opinion on What Is Happening:
when she first woke up, she was confuse as where she was, but as the game was explained, she finally found something fun to end her boredom.


    o   Has a twin brother, Neru

    o   Mom and Dad

    o   Best Friend, Girosumi

Personality: She is usually cold to people, but she can warm up to them if they suit her standards. She shows her kind side only to her friend; otherwise she is devious and calculating on the outside. Very smart, but she keeps that information to herself. Series of plans and numbers always run through her head.

Likes/ Dislikes:

    ·         Likes-

    o   Bitter things

    o   Horror

    o   Her collection of Aviator things

    o   Scarves

    o   Finding out people’s deep dark secrets and using it against them

    ·         Dislikes-

    o   Cats

    o   Sweet things

    o   Reality TV

    o   People who don’t listen


History: She was born one minute before her twin brother. Though she has most of her mother’s features, she takes after her dad. When growing up, her father taught her how to use a gun and hand-to-hand combat. Her mother was highly against her using weapons, but soon gave up on the idea as her father persuades her. She first met her best friend, Girosumi, in kindergarten. After defending Girosumi from a bully, the two became inseparable. Once entering Middle School, she became feared among the students. Just like her father before her, she was able to find out anyone’s secret through an information network she was able to build. When she got her first phone, that’s where she kept everything she knew, under multiple locks. Girosumi just went along with her antics.

When entering High School, she was able to keep control over her information network as it grew larger. She had top grades in almost everything except for art and music, which she lacked talent in.  

Though as tech-savvy and commanding as she was, her twin brother was the opposite. He always had friends around him and averaging in most of his classes. But, she is contempt with the friend she has.

When she gets too frustrated with something and not able to calm down, she starts flipping tables. Has quite the temper.

She has a large collection of Aviator Items, which seemed to be very different from the way she acts. She actually dreams of flying in the sky and she wears her aviator goggles everywhere, including to school.

PacificIslanderGirl Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
love that you made her from sketch and paper
It fancinates me if you scan or either took a pic of it?
Victoria-Firewriath Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Scan, it was only way for me to get my draws uploaded, but then i got my drawing tablet
PacificIslanderGirl Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh cool thats a better way lol
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December 10, 2013
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